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The "Nuclex Framework" is a set of fast and elegant components that take care of the grunt work required to implement certain features in your XNA game. All components are designed with minimal dependencies, so you can just pick what you really need. There are unit tests in place for the entirety of the code, the design is optimized to play well with dependency injection and all code follows a zero-garbage-during-runtime policy. What more could you want? ;-)

For additional details and tutorials on the individual components, please switch to the Documentation page!


3/17/2011 - Okay, okay, you win - I published a detailed list of changes on my website, explaining my motivations what has changed and how it affects you: Nuclex Framework R1404 Released

3/16/2011 - Release R1404 is out. This release is mainly intended to fix the issues that still remained in R1323. See the downloads page for a list of issues fixed.

2/5/2011 - I just released R1323 of the Nuclex Framework. There are still some open issues (one possible problem in the AffineThreadPool and a likely bug in the PrimitiveBatch), but I decided to put up this intermediate release because R1242 is getting pretty old and a lot of the things reported to me have already been fixed. Thanks to a generous contribution by Adrian Tsai, the new release also updates the TrueType importer to act as a 1:1 replacement for XNA's font importer!

12/19/2010 - Next release incoming! This release is mostly to complete support of Windows Phone 7, but I also greatly improved Nuclex.Input - game pads now offer a GetExtendedState() method which returns all of DirectInput's axes, sliders, buttons and PoVs for DirectInput-backed game pads. The touch panel is now also supported as an input device, also resulting in my GUI working within Windows Phone 7 out-of-the-box.

11/18/2010 - A problem in Nuclex.Support slipped into the last release: the WeakReference class doesn't work in the Windows Phone7 build (this is very likely an issue with the Silverlight framework on Windows Phone 7), and it's being used by Nuclex.UserInterface, that means no GUI for Windows Phone 7 users :(. I committed a workaround to SVN, so you could grab the latest nightly build or wait for the next release.

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