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Using Axis, Slider and Pov in the Extended Gamepad State.

Oct 17, 2011 at 11:52 PM

I'm trying to allow the user to bind the buttons to use them however they like, but haven't had much luck in setting it up.  According to the AxisCount I have four axes available.  So if I wanted to loop through them to see what is being pressed, how do I do that?  I see an AvailableAxes, but it's not an array or a list or anything.  I'm running into the same issue with the sliders and PoV hats. 

I did get one PoV hat to work.  My gamepad has it mapped to the dpad and it always returns -1 if it's not being pressed or if up is pressed.  Is there something special I'm supposed to do?  As it is I can't tell if it's being pressed up or if it's not being touched.