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Nuclex GUI Editor

Oct 21, 2013 at 9:27 PM
This is an excellent set of code and libraries... thanks! As I was creating some GUI screens I realized it was a pain to align everything so I through together a quick GUI app. It helped me put together a better looking GUI. The code is very messy and probably still has bugs (I did not plan on posting it when I created it... so it was code on the fly). But if anyone is interested you can find the executable here and the .Net 4.5 solution is here.

The features include:
  • Add all the basic Nuclex controls
  • Right click and drag to move
  • Left click and drag to resize
  • Alignment of controls - Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Middles
  • Multiple select (Shift Click) to resize, align and delete
  • Automatic code generation (C#)
  • Save and Load GUIs (uses editable XML)
  • Some other stuff I am probably forgetting
    Here is a screen shot of the interface...
    and here is a view of the GUI screen where the controls are created (and you can drag to move/resize)...
    And here it is rendered in XNA as a Dialog...
    It is not perfect an it can certainly use lots of improvements, but it does help generate Dialogs a little easier. Feel free to use and/or mod the code to your hearts content for any purpose.