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Drawing anomalies when using a Custom GuiVisualizer


first of all I wanna say that your library is quite awesome and I'm having a great time using it.
It's very extensible and simple to use :)
(I'm considering becoming a contributor and merging in all the custom UI I've created - If you want me to).

Anyway, I've run into a rather weird problem:

I have the following Code:
var guiVisualizer = FlatGuiVisualizer.FromFile(Services, Content.RootDirectory + "/");
_GuiManager.Visualizer = guiVisualizer;
Where AwesomeTable is a table control that I've built. I've also built the required Renderer.

My problem is: When these lines are present in the code, All of the GUI drawing a is a bit skewed... All the graphic elements of the controls are drawn some pixels above where they logically are.

I did take the skin's files outside and modified them but I didn't touch any of the existing settings (I'm attaching my versions of the files)

I hope you can give me a hint :P

Thanks in Advance,

EDIT: Added a screenshot of the bug. Also, I tried reverting the changes I made but the bug persists...
(Also, stepping through your code I don't see any difference with values of x,y,width, height in the drawing methods)

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Relvox wrote Jun 17, 2013 at 9:33 PM