Here are direct links to some of the cooler features of the Nuclex Framework:

Features by Assembly

The services of the Nuclex Framework by the assemblies they're implemented in
Here's an illustration showing how the individual assemblies are layered:



Recommended: Use Provided Binaries
If you downloaded the binary release, all you have to do is add the required assemblies to your project. Visual Studio 2010 automatically hunts down any recursively required dependencies, so you only need to add second or third level dependencies if you actually wish to interact with them in your project.

Alternative: Reference Source Projects
You can also add the projects from the Nuclex Framework source release into your project. This is a bit messier, but you'll get some additional checks in debug mode and you can more easily modify the Nuclex Framework in case you've decided to customize it to your needs.

Compiling the Nuclex Framework from source requires a few preparations, see How to Compile!

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